Taste & Treat Pack

Taste & Treat Pack

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Sample our 3 proteins and a treat!

Pack includes 1 Doggy Bag Taster - Beef, 1 Doggy Bag Taster - Pork, 1 Doggy Bag Taster - Salmon & Herring, 1 Chickie-Feet Treat. 

Feeding Instructions:

To prepare dehydrated food for consumption, simply add water!

Add enough water to cover food and allow to refresh for 20-30 minutes before serving. For optimal digestion and less waste, split the feeding into 2, morning and evening. Refrigerate any leftovers!

Suggested Servings:

Feed approximately 1 cup of dehydrated Wood Mountain Naturals for every 20lbs of your dog's optimal weight. Like your other family members, each dog is different and some may require more or less depending on age and activity level.

Storage Instructions:

Store in sealed bag in a cool dry location. Avoid heat, moisture and direst sunlight.

Made in Canada