When made with the correct ingredients, raw food provides real, wholesome nutrition for your pets. Raw food is a highly digestible food source that leads to more energy for your pet. Without the added carbs found in a kibble diet, your pet won’t suffer from energy spikes and crashes. A raw diet gives your pet healthier skin and a better coat by fulfilling their dietary needs. There is also a reduction in allergies and increased immune system support. Free from fillers, additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients, Wood Mountain Naturals is nutrition you can rely on. Not to mention, with 81.53% digestible ingredients, your pet will have better breath (no more stinky dog breath), healthier gums and there really is less poop to scoop!

Dehydrated raw food is extremely safe to feed your pets. However, fresh raw food can pose a health risk to your pets and your family. If not properly thawed or stored, fresh raw food can lead to bacteria growth and infections. If you are making the raw food yourself, there is no way to tell if it is nutritionally balanced for your pet and it can be time-consuming. By dehydrating our proprietary blend of raw, whole foods and supplements, we are able to retain 100% of its nutritional value in a shelf-stable and convenient package that can be safely stored in your pantry.

Both dehydrating and freeze-drying involve the removal of moisture from foods to increase shelf stability and longevity. Dehydration removes water by evaporation while freeze-drying removes water by vaporizing. As one of the oldest methods of food preservation, dehydrating can be found throughout ancient cultures. Liquids are evaporated from prolonged air circulation and extremely low heat exposure. The best part? Dehydrated foods keep their original nutritional value.

Yes, Wood Mountain Naturals is veterinarian approved! Our recipe is quality tested and nutritionally balanced. We worked closely with a veterinarian and a nutritionist to formulate our proprietary blend made from real food ingredients. Our recipes undergo rigorous testing to ensure they provide a complete and balanced diet for your pets.

As a dehydrated product, the food is free from moisture and completely shelf-stable. We recommend adding the recommended quantity of water just before you are ready to serve it to your pet. Store your opened, dehydrated food in air-tight packaging, in a cool dark place. Light can break down food causing a loss of nutrition and a shortened shelf life. When stored properly dehydrated food can last up to one year.

98% of our ingredients are Canadian sourced. 100% of our products are made with love.

There are approximately 50 cups in each 4kg box.

Yes! Wood Mountain Naturals is available in stores across Canada. Or you can shop online here Our Products

Always consult with your vet when switching your pet’s food for health related reasons. In our experience, the best way to transition your pet to raw food is going cold turkey, literally. As kibble is carbohydrate-based, it digests much slower than raw foods. As your pet tries to digest 2 different foods at 2 different rates it can cause discomfort and gassiness. That being said, all dogs are different. We recommend monitoring your pet and adjusting accordingly.

Not yet but it’s in the works and coming soon!

We currently do not have a cat line but it is something we are looking into developing.