Our Story

Our Story

Established in 1896, the Wood Mountain Homestead was built on a foundation of respect for land, nature and family. That is why Wood Mountain Naturals prides itself on using locally sourced, real food ingredients in its pet products. 

It is nutrition you can rely on. By combining whole food ingredients with the right nutritional supplements, Wood Mountain Naturals delivers a complete diet with the perfect balance of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. 

A healthy pet is a happy pet, and that’s the kind of future we’re trying to build.

To us, it’s personal.

In 2017, Cathie Bal nearly lost her dog, Zara, to a complex thyroid condition. In her quest to find the right food for Zara, she discovered the power of raw pet food, and the power of a truly balanced, healthy diet.

Cathie was relieved to be able to provide nutritionally balanced food for Zara but quickly realized that raw diets take work. Not only was it time-consuming (regularly requiring hours of prep time), but it would occupy valuable freezer and fridge space.

Eventually, Cathie found a locally made, dehydrated, raw pet food that was mess-free, easy to prepare, shelf-stable and safe from bacteria. This food provided Cathie with a mess-free and convenient way to provide Zara with a complete, healthy diet. However, in August of 2020, the very food that was helping to keep Zara alive left the market. This created a life-threatening situation for Zara and brought Cathie right back to square one

Disheartened and with a sickening pup, Cathie took matters into her own hands. She assembled a team of highly trained veterinarians and consultants to help her create an even better, nutritionally balanced and quality tested pet food made from ingredients that she was proud to feed Zara. After seeing the positive impact of a healthy, hearty diet, Cathie couldn’t help but want to share the food that saved Zara’s life with other pet owners. And just like that, Wood Mountain Naturals was formed.




A healthy pet is a happy pet

and that’s the kind of future we’re trying to build